September 17, 2022


Can you love another country so much that you dedicate most of your life to it? In the early 1980s, a Japanese musician Sada Masashi visited China on a concert tour and fell in love with Yangtze river. He returned to China to make a documentary on the river and the life along it. It was expensive filming, had to hire People’s Liberation Army Air Force helicopters for the aerial shots. Sada Masashi took out a 3.5 billion Yen loan for the production. It took him 30 years to repay the loan.

The result is a beautiful time capsule of the unique period in China’s modern history. It’s on Youtube with Japanese narration, Chinese subtitles. Don’t worry about the language, just let the visuals speak.


There are many interesting backstories and trivia about this, remind me when we meet

Yangtze Sada Mashashi returns to China.

Yangtze Sada Mashashi hitchhikes. The documentary is shot very much how vlogs are presented these days. Though in those days, they would have had a crew following the presenter around.

Yangtze Sada Mashashi finds kids floating on a tyre and fishing in the pod with their bare hands.

Yangtze The Buddha or Leshan in Sichuan province.

Yangtze Sada Mashashi is not happy with how the Japanese army destroyed Nanjing.

Yangtze Probably one of the earliest crepe maker in China. 80s was like the spring. Things were getting relaxed in China. People were putting up small business.

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