December 15, 2004

Why must we buy China’s food

Angry with China

That’s the tagline of one our young friend from Korea. He is angry over some remarks that China made about the historic Korean kingdom that included parts of north-east China. Funnily, he looked me up some months back because he wanted to understand the girls from China. He was fond of one such girl. Also, he seemed not so right-wing. He delivers newspapers in the morning before heading out to school. When I asked him about Choson Ilbo — one of the bigger dailies, he spat out some nasty comments. But when I mentioned that I read, he became friends instantly., an online news site that sources some of its stories from citizen reporters is one example of citizen’s media that I never tire of mentioning.

Chinese concerns about territorial integrity are behind its move to claim the history of the ancient kingdom of Koguryo as its own, experts in Seoul argue.

Park Sang-seek, rector of Kyung Hee University’s Graduate Institute of Peace Studies, said it appears that China is worried about losing sovereignty over the eastern part of Manchuria, which was once within the Koguryo kingdom and is still home to millions of ethnic Koreans.

Park explained that by deleting references to Koguryo from its official account of Korean history, Beijing is attempting to preempt any assertions that the territory should be returned to Korea.

Wikipedia: Goguryeo controversies

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