June 16, 2004

Where are the tourists?

An inn-keeper on the lookout for guests in Narathiwat, South Thailand.

No tourists in Narathiwat

Terrorism has scared away the tourists over here. I spent a couple of days in the southern provinces of Yala and Narathiwat.

At Yala train station, a soldier saw me taking some pictures. He borrowed my camera for inspection. Luckily, I had some photos of some pretty ladies from up north. That seems to have worked its magic. He just asked me to delete all the pictures showing the train and the station and let me go.

After that, I avoided the built-up areas and spent most of the time in a little fishing village and the quiet beach at Narathiwat.

Old school TV

A lot of such older hotels in Thailand have 1980s furniture. It’s like they have not changed the decor since the time they opened for business.

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