February 25, 2006

War things as flower pots

I was at the Singapore airshow yesterday. Lots of people were selling weapon systems and warfare related avionics. There was even a Serbian booth next to the US one — once enemies now together at a trade show. Many spies were going around taking pictures and asking probing questions.

War things

Fighters and missiles on display.

Seeing all the missiles, I remembered something I saw once in Lao. Lao, a little country between China, Thailand and Vietnam was heavily bombed by the Americans during the Vietnam War to cut-off the supply routes of the North Vietnamese fighters.

War things

The Laotians today use the remnants of these bombs as flowerpots.

War things

USAF markings

War things

Missile fin as rubbish bin.

Update: A former US soldier left a comment on this post

Lee Thorn Says:

February 28th, 2006 at 1:40 am. Quite beautiful, isn’t it? Thank you.

I helped load many bombs that fell on Laos in 1966. I have worked there on and off, now, for eight years through our ngo, Jhai Foundation. Jhai” in a social sense in Lao language means this :

that moment when all understand that harmony has been restored. This is often experienced in a village meeting. It is not agreement and it is not resolution’. Just harmony. It is a moment of harmony. It is so wonderful everyone wants more.

Jhai” … that’s what we need, isn’t it?

yours, in Peace, Lee Thorn chair, Jhai Foundation


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