August 20, 2018

Vada Pav, a street snack from Bombay

When I was a kid, I lived in Bombay. Vada Pav was a popular snack in our school canteen. Pav is the bread and Vada is the potato fritter inside.

Vada Pav, a Bombay street snack

Vada Pav, a Bombay street snack

Thanks to Cookiee for showing me this place. I got to try Vada Pav after almost 25 years. It is said that the stimulation of a certain part of the brain brings back connected memories. As I bit into the Vada Pav and tasted the tangy chutney, Pet Shop Boys music filled my brain. I remembered POKE 53280,0” — the code I used to punch into my computer to change the screen colour.

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