July 23, 2016

Tra Chanh and Umeshu

I think it was Vikram Seth who wrote in what is probably one of the finest travelogues about China, words that flow something to the effect of I think I travel just to collect material for future nostalgia”. In my case, I travel probably to find things that make me miss other lands. Like I found this preserved lemon drink along Le Thanh Ton street in Saigon. Here in VN this is called Tra Chanh (lemon tea). This is a month old preserve of lemon in salty base, a small quantity is poured onto the cup with generous scoops of sugar , one preserved lemon or two, diluted with tea or water and finally topped with ice.

Tra Chanh in Vietnam

Now I am missing Umeshu - the preserved plum wine that we makes at home in Japan.

Umeshu in Japan

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