December 19, 2021

The Moon

The Moon bookshop and cafe map

The Moon (cafe and bookstore) is another of my secret place in Singapore. They always surprise with their selection of books. And probably the only place you can get haldi doodh”, turmeric milk - the heal all magic potion from the subcontinent.

Turmeric milk, haldi doodh drink

The Moon Cafe and Books

This visit buy is a novel set in Jinbocho, a part of Tokyo (4th photo onwards) famous for bookshops, an Indonesian curry shop ( that serves curry in Aladdin’s lamp shaped bowl, and Sakura Cafe ( that serves maté in metal plated gourd cups.

Jinbocho area of Tokyo

Indonesian curry shop in Jinbocho

South American Mate at a Jinbocho cafe

The cafe in the novel allows people to time travel but they should come back before the coffee gets cold. Where will you want to go if you could travel in time? For me, I will go to the time when I first met you.

Singapore Books Tokyo

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