January 2, 2004

The lantern show In Zigong

Zigong is famous for its lantern show. The people here are expert at making all kind of figures — human, animals, scenic spots, scenes from historical books etc. with their lanterns. There is a park near the city center where they exhibit these lanterns.

Tang ladies

Tang Ladies Tang dynasty scene


Mr Bush Even Mr. Bush was here.


Evil Sars Here is the evil SARS virus. You can see the doctors in the background

Wu Song

Wu Song killing the Tiger Wu Song the tiger slayer.

He appears in two famous classics — The outlaw of the Marshes and The Golden Lotus. He is a valiant fighter who kills a Tiger with his bare hands. Later he kills his sister in law (the golden lotus) and her lover after discovering that they poisoned his brother. He runs away from justice and becomes an outlaw.

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