August 10, 2014

Takadanobaba, the Little Burma of Tokyo

In Tokyo, if you miss Burmese food, the best place to go is Takadanobaba. This neighbourhood is where a lot of people from Burma live in Tokyo. Hence, there are many Burmese restaurants and shops here. This area is not as dense as Singapore’s Peninsula Plaza but you can still find good Burmese food within 10 minutes walk out of the station.

Takadanobaba is on the Yamanote line. If you are heading to Shin Okubo to explore the Korean town, you can include Takadanobaba in your trip (it is the next station). Once you are in Takadanobaba, take the Waseda exit.

As soon as you are out, you will see the dark Tak 11 building. When you exit the station, the building is just across the street. This building has many restaurants and shops from Burma. I visited a Shan food restaurant on the ground floor. Even managed to score some free dessert. To the left of this Tak 11 building (when you face it), there is a small lane. This lane has some more Burmese restaurants. Towards end of the row of shops, you will find Shwe Myanmar. There is one more in the building just before it. And they have Mohinga, the favourite dish many in Burma.


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