March 14, 2013

Singapore’s Lucky Plaza is a good place for stuff from the Philippines

Lucky Plaza is one of older shopping malls in Singapore’s Orchard Area. Whenever I miss the Philippines, I show up here. Of course, the Philippines is a large and diverse place, and this place probably is as representative of the Philippines as Little India is of India. Still, it is said that a drowning man tries to hold to anything, so a yearning person tries to find solace in even a small thing from the land that he or she misses.

Head up to level 4, and the back lanes have food places offering satisfying snacks from the Philippines.

Jollibee is a popular fast food chain in the Philippines. I was here on the day after the inauguration. It was packed with people longing to get some feel of comfort food from back home.

Lucky Plaza is also a good place to buy air tickets to the Philippines. Level 4 and 5 have some pubs too where you can have a listen to the latest Tagalog songs.

Lucky Plaza is along Orchard Road. The best time to visit is after 11 AM to late. Besides the Philippines, they also have some cafes serving Indonesian food.

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