June 1, 2014


I read this account by a Vietnamese woman. She was in China while anti-China protests were going on in Vietnam. She was at an exhibition, and faced taunts from her hosts as soon as the news of the anti-China riots spread. She also compared her situation to a another exhibitor who too faced discrimination because of his ethnicity.

I am saying this aloud, not to spite Chinese, or the Vietnamese, or any one else - I come from a place, where people often take great pleasure in hurting fellow citizens who look different, talk different, or pray different. There seem to be a competition on for who can hate more. I appreciate that this woman took time out to pen her thoughts.


One early lesson about the futility of rage for me was from this Arthur C Clarke story titled The End of the Orbit”.

And sometimes, we need stories like these. In Cambodia, rage against Vietnamese settlers often bubbles up. This is a story by a Cambodian contact about her missing her Vietnamese uncle.


Another young woman from Cambodia writes about this:


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