April 2, 2005

Personal stories and trust over a distance

Oyu was talking about a networking” blog service for people interested in import-export. I have been ranting about how in China the non-tech people adopt to technology stuff so easily. Give them the tools and they will figure out interesting things to do with it. Sharing personal stories also helps build trust. As Oyu once remarked (I am paraphrasing) How can you cheat someone when you read abouT their life”

Oyu : this is my blog on the FOB SHANGHAI wei. almost all people there are doing such business. and they have this blog

Me: what is FOB

Oyu : free on board.it’s a term about the import and export business

Oyu : I like that blue birdhhehhe

Me: nice idea….is there any blog .. i mean some other person’s blog..I would like to see

Oyu : yes, I will show you

Oyu : http://bbs.fobshanghai.com:8000/fblog/more.asp?name=rossi&id=101 (the link no longer works)

Oyu : all the styles are very simple, and cannot upload pictures

Me: you can put the picture on flickr..and then link to this place.. the pictures will show up here

Oyu : while some people can exchange ideas on how to do the business or exchange their experience.

Oyu : but my flickrs only have those products nowno funny ones

Me: aiyya..make a new flickr

Oyu : http://bbs.fobshanghai.com:8000/fblog/more.asp?name=michelle&id=86 (the link no longer works)

Oyu : this one is nice

Oyu : ok

Me: it is interesting… so they will talk about business and their personal lives too

Oyu : yes.and make friends with each other and get more information

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