April 11, 2005

Tags; Travel, Thailand

My kind of pub in Mae Sot, Thailand

Dogs have always tried to bite, kill or eat me. So, I am not much fond of them. I actually learnt to climb trees when a neighbour dog chased me up one. I like cats though, they are nicer, just be in their own world, never trouble me. My Japanese friends always say that there are cat people and dog people. And apparently dogs don’t like cat people. Maybe I am such a cat person.

The watering hole up here in Mae Sot is the Crocodile Tear” pub. It is unique in the way that both the farangs as well as the locals end up here. The conversation is interesting with old Burma hands expounding their theories on the latest intrigue across the border.

What attracted me to this place was this no entry to dogs” sign. I am willing to forgive them for the no durian” sign.

There is even a welcome sign inside that has a cat on it.

And they have a lovely catter inside with a rather unpronouncable Burmese name — the nearest phonetic equivalent is shoew-shoew, but cute none the less. Here he is by the door probably making sure that no evil dogger tries to come in.

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