January 4, 2007

Mobile shops in Indonesia

Indonesia has a high density of mobile phone users. They may even be using the latest models of phones, but most of these users do not own computers or broadband connections at home. These phone users find high-speed mobile data plans too expensive or too cumbersome to configure. So, how do these people get the latest games or utilities loaded on to their phones?

You will find these Handphone Software” shops in shopping centres and malls.

Mobile phone shops in Indonesia

A poster usually announces the latest game, anti-virus tools and utilities for the popular phones. Once you are seated, they will pass you a catalogue for you to choose the software you want. They have USB data cables for popular models of phones, and they will transfer the software to your phone.

I do not watch much TV, but I like watching MTV in Indonesia as they play more rock compared to the rest of the region. I love this Indonesian band, Dewa 19.

Cemburu (pronounced chemburu), I think means jealousy.

It is always easy to connect with people in Indonesia if you know some local music (or some scandal that the musicians are involved in.)

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