Maps for travelers

Welcome to the maps section. There are some of the places, I encourage you to explore in Asia. Click (or tap) on the maps for a larger image.

  1. The Japanese town, District 1, Saigon. My home.

The Japanese town in Saigon

  1. The Japanese town in Bangkok. Located around Phrom Phong BTS station, this is the Japanese part of Bangkok.

The Japanese town in Bangkok

  1. Crossing from Singapore to Malaysia via public bus.

Singapore to Malaysia by Bus

  1. Korean food in Bukit Timah (Singapore)

Korean food in Singapore

  1. Lorong Kilat hideaway in Bukit Timah (Singapore)

Lorong Kilat hideaway in Singapore

  1. Pham Viet Chanh neighbourhood in Saigon

Pham Viet Chanh, Saigon

  1. Placeholder cat.

placeholder cat