June 7, 2012

Libraries for a new generation of library users

I was at a discussion hosted by a library organisation as I love libraries. When I am in a new city, I like visiting the public libraries or the campus libraries when I visit a school.

This panel discussed what libraries should do to cater to a new generation of users.

My thoughts were around the fall in readership that many libraries struggle with. Libraries were a place where we used to go to get a book or media for enjoyment or for learning new things.

The experts writing the books were the transmitters of knowledge and us readers the receivers.

In many of my initiatives, I think of people in a community as experts. We all have some knowledge that may be useful to others in the community. I feel that libraries should increasingly play the role of brining out this knowledge in the community.

Even if we stick to books, there is value in bringing together people who have read the book. I think the knowledge from book” + what the local reader felt about the book with his/her background and experience” is more powerful than just reading the book.


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