February 8, 2006

Learning math — the fun North Korean way

In North Korea, math lessons are never boring

The Year 1 North Korean primary school students have to study math with an anti-American twist, as is clear from the following quiz: The brave uncles from the Korean People’s Army destroyed six tanks of the wolf-like American bastards. Then they destroyed two more. How many tanks did they destroy altogether?

When kids grow older,they can operate with larger numbers: The uncles of the Korean People’s Army, in one combat, destroyed 87 American wolf-bastards. They killed 51 of the bastards, and took the remainder as prisoner. How many prisoners did they take? (This is, as you probably guess, from a Year Two schoolbook, since the math is a little more sophisticated).

And of course, one should not forget the sufferings of the South Koreans: In a South Korean city occupied by the wolf-like US Army, 2884 school-age children cannot attend school. Of them, 1561 are polishing shoes, while others are begging for food. How many children are begging for food in the Yankee-occupied city?

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