June 21, 2022

It was good knowing China

China let us in homes, trains and hearts in the coldest North. China fed us and stayed up all night drinking with us in the wildest West. It was nice to know China when it was curious.


AirBnB leaving China

Now when I miss China, I go to Cambodia. Parts of Phnom Penh feel like 2000s China.

China in Phnom Penh Fancy houses.

China in Phnom Penh Golden Street. When people from China first started to move to China in early 2000s, they found making money difficult. They used to call Cambodia Qian Bu Zai.” This sounds like the Chinese name for Cambodia (Jian Bu Zhai) but also sound like There is no money.”

China in Phnom Penh

China in Phnom Penh Money changer.

China in Phnom Penh

China in Phnom Penh The smaller alleys have food from all over China.

Smelly Tofu Smelly Tofu.

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