September 30, 2015

I can help you find a lover

Today I found that I helped two people fall in love.

I had invited my friends to share their stories about travels and books. A local friend C was there with his girlfriend. When we paused for a break, C asked me if I recognized his companion. I tried to place her but I could not. She giggled and reminded me about a book fair.

In early 2014, I was at the Saigon book fair with my friend C. Most of the books at this exhibition are in Vietnamese, but I still like to go as I am always curious about what topics people are interested in. We browsed past many publisher’s booths, arriving at a one that was selling ebooks. I wanted to learn more about local ebook industry while C wanted to explore the other booths.

The Ho Chi Minh Book Fair

There was an young girl in the booth demonstrating the ebook software. C left me with the girl, requesting her to show me how their publishing platform worked. The girl gave a good demo. I felt bad though, as I was not planning to buy anything. I thanked her and headed to other booths. Feeling sleepy, a little later I messaged C that I was heading back and I went back home.

C’s companion was the girl at the ebook booth. After I left her booth, C came back to look for me. While waiting for me, they started chatting and ended up exchanging contacts. That chance encounter, because of me disappearing, lead to their romance. So next time you are looking for a lover, take me to a book fair.

Vietnam People

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