November 1, 2006

Games, Mixi and Virtual Worlds

We were at our favourite Moroccan cafe playing some connected games on Nintendo.

Saw someone in Singapore playing with Mixi. I have a Mixi account too, but not much updated. Mixi is a Japanese social network. The unique difference is that when you visit someone’s Mixi page, you leave your footprints - they can see that you visited their page. So if you visit someone’s Mixi, better leave a message.

And Mixi works on Nintendo’s mobile browser. They are both from Japan after all.

I was also at an university talking about some new trends and observations from a pilot project on virtual worlds that I am running.

The students were from the tourism stream and they wanted to know if virtual worlds can one day replace the mostly text based web. My thinking was that we are still limited by the small display that we have and the experience does not immerse us that much. While we can see some tourism agencies experimenting with Virtual Worlds as a marketing medium, it will not replace the current web in a hurry. What I see happening is more activity on social networks. See travel companies, hotels and national travel organisations approaching people to share their travel stories and using these stories to entice more people.


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