June 20, 2003

For a glimpse of Burma and Copy Thachin

At the guest house some one was organising a trip to the border. I am not a fan of tours but a view of Burma was tempting for me. For some reason I always long for Burma and I was so close to it.

A view of the the trip-point where the borders of Burma, Thailand and Lao meet. Golden Triangle, Thailand

Across the stream is Burma. Even as I was climbing up this vantage point, I could hear what seemed like Rod Stewart’s Sailing coming from across the border.

A glimpse of Burma

It turned out to be a local copy of the song. This is a popular genre in Burma. Artists create Burmese lyrics for Western songs, the lyrics may or may not be translations of the original text but often imply something similar.

Update: 2022 I finally figured out that the artist is Zaw Win Htut and the song in Burmese is called Ywat Hlwint Chin. Listen to Zaw Win Htut’s version of Rod Stewart’s Sailing on SoundCloud.

Another copy on YouTube

The genre is called Copy Thachin or copy song”. Here is a paper that talks about Copy Thachin._  A _Copy Thachin _used in a TV advert from the 1990s.

Thailand Burma Lao

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