April 12, 2016

Down by the mekong delta

Down here in the delta, everything burns during the day. You better spend that time sleeping. At night, it is cooler and it’s time to walk to the river side. The breeze carries the distant thumps of the motorboats crossing the river. From time to time, you meet a group of people. Some stop to chat a bit. You reach the junction where the street food vendors set up their stall. This is my favorite stopover.

Most sellers sell only one dish so you don’t even have to point. Just pause in front of the cart and the seller will start preparing your dish. If the place has seating, a small plastic chair magically appears. However crowde the space is, they will make some place for you.

It is like the whole universe was made, humans evolved and split into cultures, just so that on a night like this, you can overload your senses with sticky-rice-spicy-chicken and the lovely faces reflecting the glow of food stall lights.

Down by the Mekong delta

Vietnam Mekong

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