January 23, 2005

Demand for KFC Soaring in China

Yahoo! News — Demand for KFC Soaring in China

China’s relentless appetite for the colonel’s chicken has KFC on a building boom in the world’s most populous country, with 1,200 locations, soaring profits and a menu that mixes in bamboo shoots and lotus roots.

Well, we can attest to it. The KFC near our place is always packed. And another KFC just across the street is also always full. Sometimes, I seek refuge inside the KFC and read, it is warmer inside.

My favourite order is a roll. 老北京鸡肉卷. It reads lao (=old) bei jing (=Beijing) ji (=chicken) rou(=meat) juan (roll). Well, that is what it is, it is a roll — chicken in tangy sauce wrapped in a tortilla.


Ou prefers the regular KFC fare


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