November 20, 2019

Come Undone 2019, using iPad only

In 2012, I got rid of my computer and decided to go full time working on an iPad. I mostly stuck to the iPad as the main computing device with small gaps in 2013 and 2014 where I dabbled with a Chromebook, mainly to experiment. From time to time, I had to have a MacBook around mainly to deal with software or web services that would not run on the iPad or the mobile browser. With the launch of iPad OS and the browser supporting file downloads and more complex web services, there is even less reason for me to get back to a computer.

 Using iPad only 

Here are the apps that I use on a regular basis.

Task Apps
Writing and archiving Apple Notes
Blogging Ulysses and Custom Shortcuts
Image editing and enhancement Darkroom
Image archival Google photos
Video Editing Lumafusion
Audio Ferrite for recording and editing audio, Anchor for posting podcasts and Auphonic (web service to clean up the audio)
Presentations Keynote
Drawing and illustration Paper, Linea and Apple Pencil. The Paper app is it a minimalist drawing app that lets me make functional drawings
Documents Word, Excel, Pages, Numbers, Google Drive
Teaching Microsoft Forms (web), Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams
Conferencing Zoom, Blackboard Collaborate, Skype
Reading Kindle, Apple Book
Video Amazon Prime, You-tube Premium (mostly so that I can save talks or presentations offline)
Events Adobe Spark for creating social media posts
Scheduling Agenda, Fantastical

In my use case, I prefer the iPad OS mainly for some apps that I use all the time.: Paper, Linea, Ulysses, Fantastical, Apple Notes. I also enjoy Shortcuts to speed up some repetitive tasks. Most of all, as a regular traveler, I like the simplicity of an iPad - one charging plug can charge everything that I have. I do not have remove the iPad from the bag at airport checks. I have the cellular model which allows me to connect from almost anywhere I go.

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