July 10, 2010

A remote guest joins our travel meet

Remote presentation at travel meet

Mousan giving us a virtual tour via Skype

We had a Japanese presenter come in from Tokyo and talk about lesser known places to visit at the last travel meetup. It was rather last minute, I was talking to Mousan over Skype just before the meetup and I suggested she stay on and tell us something about the place she is in. A good sport that she is, she readily agreed. She gave us a virtual tour. We should do this more often in future travel meets.

Remote presentation at travel meet

Some notes on the Skype sessions and how to improve Skype ins:

  1. Do a test-run a day or couple of hours before so that we are prepared for the actual session.

  2. Keep your notebook facing the audience, that way the remote speaker can see who all she is addressing.

  3. Have some of the people in the audience pass around the computer and introduce themselves to the speaker. That way the speakers also get to know some of the audience.

  4. For the Q&A have a person seated near the computer to repeat the questions for the speaker.

  5. The screen sharing feature works great. Get your remote presenter to show some pictures. She can also use it to run presentations.

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