July 10, 2002

A picture tells a thousand stories

I had the Nokia 7650 through June - This is the first mobile phone with a built in camera.

Nokia 7650 photo

I had to use it for a month to beta test this new service called Airnet. It works like this-

  1. You take a picture using the built-in camera.
  2. Launch the Airnet application on the phone. You select your picture, type in the recipients mailing address and a message.

The data gets sent to the Airnet server through the GPRS connection. The server then routes the data to another Airnet server in the recipient’s country. This local server prints and mails the card.

I like gadgets but I am a luddite when it come to postcards. I love mailing and receiving postcards. However late, your postcard reaches your friend with that colourful little stamp.

Still, the Airnet service is a good idea. Sometimes you find interesting food like this Thai green curry, you can snap it and send a postcard to your friend. The phone is cool too. You can email the images or send them as MMS (multimedia messages - new type of SMS). It has bluetooth too, so I can transfer images to my iBook using a nifty little USB Bluetooth connector.

More from the 7650, Bluetooth and iBook at the Singapore Macintosh Users Group where I ran a demo.

Mugs demo photo

Mugs demo photo

Mugs demo photo

 Preetam demonstrated the new, ultra-cool Nokia phone with Bluetooth/USB adaptor connected to an iBook. He took a photo with his phone’ and wirelessly downloaded to his iBook. He grabbed a picture (from iPhoto) and a mail address and wirelessly downloaded to his Nokia. The Nokia also acts as his modem to connect his iBook when on the road. In typical Apple coolness, when Preetam connected the Bluetooth/USB adaptor it was automatically recognized by his iBook. It’s called a PC2PC Bluetooth Transceiving Key and is available in Sim Lim and Funan. Touted as PC only is utter nonsense. It’s Mac compatible! The Bluetooth software is available at the Apple website.

Notes from MUGS Meeting: 03 July 2002 Mac OS X Security cum AGM


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