March 25, 2005

A Korean travelogue about India

Over these cucumber slices with the chilli dip, Soo Min was talking about this book she was reading.

Korean Travelogue on India

The book is titled Chi-gu-pyul Yo-hang-sa”. Yo-hang-sa means traveller, but not sure about Chi-gu-pyul, I think it means distinct”. While I can read Hangul, my vocabulary is small. Corrections welcome. (A commenter Dan pointed out that it means planet earth.)

The book is written by a well known Korean poet. He is fond of India. He travelled there and met some gurus and holy men.

Here the author talks about train travel in India. I like the colourful little drawings they have for each chapter.

Suddenly, Soo Min started talking in Hindi. I were wondering where she got the words from. Then she showed me this page where the author is trying to do some last minute shopping before the train leaves. He goes to buy a Frooti from one of the vendors on the platform. (Frooti- a popular mango juice sold in a tetra-pack). He can speak some Hindi, Like Korean, Hindi is a phonetic language. The author gives the Hindi phrases.

Mujhe frooti dijiye (please give me a frooti)

The vendor takes his own time searching for the drink. The author, worried that the train may leave asks the vendor to hurry

Jaldi Jaldi dijiye (give it to me quick)

The author manages to get his drink and run to the train.

While there are many western writers who have written about their travel adventures in India, there might be a few Korean, Chinese and Japanese ones too. Would be interesting to translate them and see what they feel about India.

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