February 20, 2018

A Central Asian cafe in Nha Trang

I found a Central Asian cafe in a small lane in Nha Trang. I ordered Okroshka, a cold soup with kefir (a fermented milk drink) or kvas (a beer like, but non-alcoholic drink prepared by fermenting rye bread), cucumber, spring onion and bits of meat.

Central Asian Cafe In Nha Trang

There was a man from Tajikistan, we could exchange a few words in Farsi — Tajik and Urdu have several common words.

Central Asian Cafe In Nha Trang

This lane has several Chinese run backpacker places that host Chinese independent travellers. The flavours and sounds — a mix of China, Russia and Central Asia reminds me of the silk route. This makes Nha Trang one of my favorite places to get lost in.

Vietnam Food

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